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Who we are

Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions


The Timmins Family Health Team's vision of the future is that of a local population which has access to the services, supports and resources required for them to achieve and maintain optimal health throughout the various stages of their lives. The model of care is focused on continual improvements that contribute to excellence in the provision of care. The Timmins Family Health Team's vision statement is: Optimal collaborative healthcare


The Timmins Family Health Team is a primary care collaborative focused on meeting the needs of patients within the context of their community. We enhance access to an evidence-based primary care team, assist with system navigation, foster an innovative teaching setting and contribute to a responsive yet sustainable health care environment.

Core Values


We engage and empower patients to take responsibility for their health and promote self-care and prevention


We provide quality and compassionate care that is respectful of the unique needs, preferences and cultures within our community


We communicate in a manner that promotes open, honest and constructive dialogue. We listen, hear and learn from each other.


We facilitate a seamless health system through a collaborative mindset internally among our care team and externally with our partners.


We advance the provision of interdisciplinary primary care by creating an adaptable, innovative and learning environment

Strategic Directions

Access and Care Transitions

Enhance patient access to the care team and facilitate a collaborative care experience

Quality Outcome Based Services And Programs

Deliver quality outcome-based services and programs, and empower individuals to be more engaged in their health and wellness journey.

Organizational Capacity

Ensure that the organization has the infrastructure and resources in place to fully implement and evolve the collaborative model of care.

Education and Excellence

Support the professional development of the care team and future health care professionals, as well as lead the adoption of innovative practices and research initiatives that contribute to primary care excellence.

Collaboration and Advocacy

Facilitate the organization of primary care providers to enhance their ability to advocate as a sector and contribute to health system transformation