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Hypertension Program
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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, affects one in five Canadians and is often called the silent killer because you may not know it is there. The TFHT has developed a hypertension program based on best practice guidelines that provides clients with the tools to manage or prevent high blood pressure. By identifying and providing clients with the skills necessary to manage their hypertension, clients will be able to reduce the risk of developing further cardiovascular complications. 

Our program offers:

  • Blood pressure monitoring for; newly diagnosed clients, at risk clients, stabilized clients and client needing assessment
  • Home and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring + education on proper techniques
  • Lifestyle and self management education
  • Risk factor identification
  • Review of antihypertensive medication and compliance

Clients can be referred by their health care provider or they can self-refer to this program. For clients to have there blood pressure checked they can:

  1. Call your Health care providers office and book an apt with one of there nurses for a blood pressure check. (Quick assessment) Or
  2. Call your Health care Providers office and book for your first appointment in the High blood pressure program visit. (In-depth one on one assessment)

Know your numbers when it comes to your blood pressure:
<140/90 – Normal Range
<130/80 -Normal range for clients with diabetes 

For more information on hypertension, please visit our resources below:
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